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Lies and Fish

If you post a post to LJ, and your LJ world has disappeared and/or put you on their "mom-safe posts only" filter due to your incipient creepiness (or for just having not posted for awhile), does it make a sound?

Work too late, stay up too late, get to work too late, work too late, repeat. Bleh.

I probably sing in public places more than I should, and nothing impressive. I quit it when people actually come into proximity, at least. Mostly.

Given the shape of the world today, I feel like the only permament solution to ballooning unemployment in the United States is to dissolve the massive agribusinesses and replace them with the return to a model of agriculture on the scale of one farm feeds 5 to 10 families. Otherwise, what are all of us Americans *for*, now that we produce nothing (including human knowledge and understanding) that someone can't produce cheaper?

Here are some other things Americans might be good for intead of growing food:

1. Early childhood teacher/care provider
2. Physician (and similar/allied health care providers)
3. Tradesperson (Carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, roofer, etc.)
4. Civil infrastructure engineer/builder/repairer/operator
5. Mechanic/machinist

Most everything else, it seems, can (and therefore must) be done for us virtually by someone with a much lower standard of living. Ultimately, of course, most of us will have something like that standard of living, which is either the coming of the Boot Stamping The Face Of Humanity Forever, or the beginning of the revolution against the accumulation and exploitation of theoretical wealth.


When we all have the same standard of living we will have robot servants.
Hey, really? I'm more excited for the revolution than ever! I want my own R. Daneel Olivaw and R. Giskard Reventlov.

I was more thinking that once the plebes of the world are truly of a kind, we will either unite and devour the ultra-wealthy in their fortress homes, or settle into a Morlocks/Eloi kind of dynamic. Of course, this is an excellent reason for our Masters to maintain the false hierarchy of nations at any price -- so long as we have indoor plumbing and access to cheap gas, big-screen TVs, Pizza Hut, and air conditioning, the American "middle class" will serve obediently without realizing it's become indistinguishable from the poor people it used to scorn.
Word. Sometimes I feel like the whole country is turning into one of those small towns in Middle America with no apparently industry that seems to exist solely to support itself. Maybe we're all supposed to work at K-Mart and Applebee's?

Re: filters, I do use filters. I have a Chicago filter for posting about Chicago events, a women filter for asking advice about woman stuff, etc. It's not a concern about creepiness but rather about (a) relevance and (b) my personal comfort discussing certain personal issues with people outside a certain demographic. I think of it as creating personal think tanks. Filters are, by their nature, an exclusionary device, but if I weren't using them I probably wouldn't post at all (or not nearly as much). I think the only visible record to people not on the filter is the archive, which lists the number of posts per day regardless of whether they're filtered.
And yet, we can't exist just to greet each other at Wal-Mart and to sell each other Frappucinos. And for most other purposes, we're just too expensive to keep -- eventually, some genius always notices this and asks, "Why are we feeding and clothing and housing you in particular, Mr. or Ms. American? There are people in India or China who can produce what the world needs, and they'll sleep 3 to a broom closet and subsist on a handful of rice and beans each day just to get away from their *rural* poverty, which is even worse."

If we all have to justify our existence, I think it eventually comes down to this: We must grow food because people must eat, and India and China cannot feed us. Big Agribusiness can't continue to feed us either -- as cheap as they can make food, an increasing number of Americans will have nothing to pay them with. So, it's back to subsistence farming for 20 percent of America, and we've only just begun to drop the standard of living for all us "middle class" folks who don't do something inherently local, like building or fixing houses and roads.

Ok, so filters, sure, not arguing at all that they're bad. I was just noticing how quiet the ol' friends list had become, and sadly imagining that I had fallen off *all* of them, since many people filter pretty much everything they write. I am a tragic figure.
I just blame Facebook.
I've never used filters, I just don't post anymore. I don't have that much that's exciting in my life, except for bitching about work, & I figure nobody wants to hear that. It's just about enough to fill a Facebook status update & not much else. I try to keep up with what others are posting though, so keep it up =). There are also long spurts where I don't go on the Internet & spend several hours catching up on it, so sorry for the delayed response.

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