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Lies and Fish

Finally bought a reasonably priced KVM switch today and hooked my home desktop's monitor, keyboard, and trackball mouse up to the extra work laptop docking station that's been locked in a drawer in my cube the last 5 years or so. So, now I have a sorta worky-type place where I can actually work at home. Still need that new desk and chair, tho.


After a disappointing Neil Innes show at the Abbey Pub that was *supposed* to be a happy celebration of Carey's being done with comps, we deported up to Evanston for a late dinner at Dave's Italian Kitchen. Carey and I like to read the Reader Matches to each other over dinners at Dave's, and we used to find a fair number of nerdy, interesting-sounding girls to imagine we might lure into our spiderweb of deceit. Lately, though, we mostly find material to feed our need to scorn. Today's best ad in that vein was an "I Saw You" based on this encounter at our very own "beloved" Mayfest last weekend (paraphrased, slightly):

"I saw you with some friends at Mayfest. You asked me how the pretzels were. I said they were good, and you said, 'They look good.' You were wearing a red shirt and had brown hair. I was with three friends, and I wore a blue cardigan with a gray sweater."

And that was it. I wonder if this was seriously the prettiest girl this guy had *ever seen*, or if he just *always* posts these ads based on this sort of random, casual encounter. I suppose many great relationships have been launched over a shared "good" appraisal of carnival fare.

The other thing I noticed in the Matches this week was how many women *and* men expressed a suprisingly earnest desire "not to play games." This confused me. For one thing, games are a fun social activity and a low-intensity opportunity to talk for awhile -- perfect for people getting to know one another. So I asked Carey what she could make of this comment, and she said it had to do with people saying they will call, and then not calling, and that sort of thing. And this made me think that it usually takes two people to play that sort of game, doesn't it? And is anybody really looking for someone who does? This seems as superfluous as the common trope that a person is looking for a partner who "is intelligent and funny" -- as though there's a significant number of Matchers who consider themselves "dull and dim-witted," and who will self-select out of the pool based on this requirement.

Feh. They'll all get what they deserve. If they're lucky.



April 2015

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