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I've been enjoying the new higher meter parking rates from the new overlord of parking in Chicago, Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, but I wondered: Do we now have private meter maids? Do they have books of parking tickets? Will they run a "Judge Judy"-type fake court where they get to decide if they screwed up writing you a ticket?

Luckily, all the details are online, sorta, in an OCRed PDF of the parking meter lease agreement from the City Council. If you're looking to kill time and you like legal documents, it makes for fascinating reading. Here's what I learned:

Section 3.2 (e): Issuance of Parking Tickets. [...] The Concessionaire shall have the right, at its sole cost and expense, to issue parking tickets or citations for violations of the parking rules and regulations with respect to the Concession Metered Parking Spaces and Reserve Metered Parking Spaces, provided that such tickets or citations must be in the form prescribed by the City, that the issuance of such tickets and citations shall otherwise be subject to applicable City rules and regulations and the performance by the Concessionaire must conform to the Operating Standards. [...] Parking tickets issued by the Concessionaire pursuant to this Section 3.2(e) shall have the same legal efficacy as parking tickets issued by the City."

Schedule 3 (Operating Standards), "ENFORCEMENT" #2 [...]

ii. City may limit the number of times the Concessionaire can ticket on a given block in a given hour (the limits shall be no higher than every 15 minutes).

iii. Concessionaire can issue only one ticket per period of stay to a vehicle that has parked in excess of the allowed limit.
Example: If a vehicle is parked at a 2 hour meter, it can only be ticketed every 2 hours.

Section 7.6. Parking Fines and Enforcement: [...] The Concessionaire acknowledges and agrees that the adjudication of parking violations and the punishment of violators is a judicial or quasi-judicial matter and that the outcome of such adjudications (and the methods employed by the City with respect thereto) and the punishments, if any, imposed, may not be compensated for under this Agreement [...].

Section 4.4. Required Payment Options. Any Concession Metered Parking Space or Reserve Metered Parking Space with a Metered Parking Fee of at least $1.50 per hour must have a payment option at the point of sale other than the cash payment of the Metered Parking Fee. The Concessionaire shall provide such payment option by use of a credit card or a debit card or similar methods with respect to each Concession Metered Parking Space and each Reserve Metered Parking Space no later than 180 Days after the first Day that the Metered Parking Fee from such Metered Parking Space is at least $1.50 per hour.

Schedule 3 (Operating Standards), "CONCESSION PARKING LOT MAINTENANCE. REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENTS" #8: The Concessionaire shall resurface the Concession Parking Lots located at 1217 N. Bosworth, 2301 W. Leland, 4715 N. Western, 1938 W. Monterey and 9448 S. Pleasant within one year following the Closing Date and shall be responsible for the regular resurfacing of all of the Concession Parking Lots every 3-5 years thereafter or as required due to regular wear and tear.



April 2015

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